Before Building Your Sales Funnel - Some Things To Think About - Part 1

Before Building Your Sales Funnel – Some Things To Think About – Part 1

There are so many different ways to build a sales funnel. How you set up your optin or squeeze page, redirect page, download page, autoresponder and followup emails. On and on. Many different things that are involved in a sales funnel.

But first thing – what kind of list owner are you going to be? How often and what to email?

Think about the lists that you are a subscriber. I am on lists because I bought something, got a free gift, just for their blog updates, free service or membership sites and webinars. So here I will just refer to what happens AFTER I get on the list.

Marketer 1: This list owner never sends anything EXCEPT promotional emails. Usually the latest WSO (Warrior Special Offer) or newest JVZoo product. I get emails 1, 2, 3 times a day. And it is usually a swipe email from the affiliate area of that product. How do I know? Because I receive the same email several times. And what is really funny – sometimes at the end of the email swipe there is [YOUR NAME] because they forgot to change it to their own name.

I guess this works for them?? I cannot imagine it working for me.

Marketer 2: This list owner will only send me an email about once or twice a month AND it is a promotional email usually about a latest WSO or JVZoo product.

I kind of forget about them and end up unsubscribing when they finally do email me. Maybe they need to focus on their list or decide that they should not have this list until they CAN focus. Only you can decide how often to email your list, but once or twice a month is not helping you or your subscribers.

Marketer 3: This list owner combines helpful emails with promotional emails. Each marketer differs in how often they send each. So this type can be bad or good depending on your preferences.

For example: I am on one list where they send out one a day. Those emails have personal stuff, information about a new product or two and a joke at the end. Sometimes they give good or bad information about the products over a few days. You know – the pros and cons. A few times they totally tell you about products that they recommend you do NOT buy. And once a week they offer a free download to a really good product that you can give away to your own list or sell.

Another example: Another list owner sends out one email every day with either her products promotions or others’ products. HOWEVER, what is different about her as opposed to those Marketer 1 types is she sends out an email once a week that is very, very helpful and interesting. Each one of those emails has about 7 to 10 links and includes motivational, tools, tutorials and other stuff she has “curated” from other sources. The email is also a post on her blog. So she creates the posts and then copies it into an email and sends it to her subscribers.

And yet another example: Quite a few marketers will send about 2, 3, 4 or 5 non promotional emails about free stuff or free information to every one promotional email about a specific product or products. It is very good practice to have a link to a promotion in your P.S. or right after your signature in the non promotional emails. But the body of the email is not promotional.

Your first decision – what type are you going to be?

You need to decide what type of list owner you are going to be. You need to decide on a good balance between offering value and promotion. There is nothing wrong with profiting while building your list. And there are more ways to profit than just sending them to an affiliate offer after they optin or confirm their email.

I suppose that it is obvious what type I prefer. I also know that other marketers make a lot of money being Marketer 1 list owners, not sure about Marketer 2 list owners. SO it really is your decision.

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